O2 UK changes girl names from customer into idiot

O2 UK changes girl names from customer into idiot
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Photo: O2 changes girl names from customer in “Idiot”.

A service employee of the telecommunication giant Telefónica, known in the UK under the brand name O2, changed the given maiden name of a customer after a general support complaint in “Idiot”. According to a report from the Sun, employee Aaisha Hussain from Oldham, Oldham, was amazed by the change in her customer account. Although the company apologized, an ombudsman is to investigate the matter.

Unauthorized modification

“Akhtar is my mother’s maiden name, which is a personal affair. This is so childish of those, and embarrassing, “Hussain explains. The current incident is preceded by a little story. For example, Hussain had contacted an O2 service representative via a chat to upgrade her mobile phone contract and reuse the old phone. After the communication with the 23-year-old customer suddenly interrupted, she contacted the company again and expressed her anger over the “bad service”.

She opened a second chat. She was told that her contract was now equipped with a data volume of eight gigabytes – even though she had previously asked the employee to upgrade to twelve gigabytes. In the course of the conversation, Hussain was also told that her answer to her mother’s maiden name was not the same as the name in the profile. In the end it turned out that the previous service employee had had to make a change to “idiot” without permission.


O2 promptly responded to the embarrassing incident, apologized in writing, and offered Hussain a credit of 75 pounds sterling (about 87 euros) as compensation for the insult. “We talked to Mrs Hussain and apologize for the experience she had with us recently,” an O2 spokesman said. We will investigate internally how it could come about and the matter completely.

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