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ElektroCouture at Fashion Week in Berlin

ElektroCouture at Fashion Week in Berlin
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ElektroCouture at Fashion Week in Berlin


Elephant Fashion on Fashion Week. (Photo:

Berlin Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week: From January 17 to 20, 2017, the fashion scene is gathering again in Berlin. The fashion industry is dangling. It is ready for the revolution by Wearable Technologies – and for a startup whose founder is on Zack. ElektroCouture combines technology with fashion and is the baby of Lisa Lang.

ElektroCouture GmbH, “Mode, die leuchten” – is a wearable technology startup from Berlin. “If you see people who put their scarf in the socket somewhere, do not worry, that’s just the future,” says Lisa Lang: “Welcome!”.

Clothes from the printer

When dresses come from the 3D printer, with LED lights, a dress that resembles an Audi A4. A necklace with glowing blue LEDs, for example, in the quiet of the Art Deco, you could see today at the open day, at ElektoCouture. All photos can also be found on the moobilux Instagram account.

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