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CES17: What to expect from the CES 2017

CES17: What to expect from the CES 2017 Consumer Electronics Show.
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Christian Boas

The new year has only just started and in 3 days the “Consumer Electronics Show “ (CES) opens its doors in Las Vegas. The CES is one of the largest Tech-Events of the year, similar in size to the Mobile World Congress ( MWC ) hosted in Barcelona. The CES broke its own record in 2016 with a total of 177.393 visitors.

Welcome to Las Vegas!

Welcome to Las Vegas!

When is the CES 2017 ?
This years exhibition takes place between 3. January and 8. January 2017.

The CES is not like the MWC, but you will also be able to see new smartphones. It is certain that LG will refresh its K-series and will present its new models X-Calibur and Stylus 3. Asus and Xiaomi remain secretive about the new ZenFone and the Xiaomi Mi6. The already in China launched and available Honor 6X should also be available soon in Germany.

Although some may have declared Blackberry as dead, its loyal fan base are eagerly awaiting next thursday. On the 5. January TCL wants to present at the press conference of the CES its “ The New Blackberry”. A fully new developed keyboard model, known by the codename “Mercury”,  should give the Blackberry community more confidence in the company and get it out of its low sales state.

Smart Home
The connected home should also play a heavier role at the CES 2017. LG has already announced that the company will present its intelligent assistant “ Hub Robot”.  The patron of this should have been Amazon’s Echo, as it is to be used to control Smart-Home Devices. Also other manufacturers will try to emulate the success of the Alexa-Platform. A development we should see is that Microsoft’s digital assistant Cortana will be available outside of Windows operated PC’s.


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