Apple Launches Its New Iphone with Features That Grabs Market

Apple Launches Its New Iphone with Features That Grabs Market
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apple-wwdc15iPhone has taken the youth under its charisma. Whether it’s the inbuilt iOS 5 or the camera that captures crisp moments, every feature makes iPhone hot favorite of the present day mobile users. And this is the reason why everybody waits for launch of new models of iPhone. Moreover if they are cheaper than the earlier versions and within more or less same cost bracket, what else would anyone look for? Even the management of Apple has always presented mobile users with new iPhones that promises enhanced features and amazing cost.

New iPhone with exemplary features

The prices of the new models are curtailed to get more and more buyer. The management wants to target those who are using smartphones for the first time. There is huge market for the first time smart phones users and this is where Apple wants to strike by adding new features and lowering the cost. They have even introduced iOS 6 in the new models thus making them more attractive for the users.  If the models come with some extraordinary feature like finger print detecting technology, the rush for getting a new iPhone in your hand becomes more obvious.

Apple makes it possible for everyone to own an iPhone

The demand curves of iPhone have seen various ups and downs in various countries. Like in Chine, the competition is steeper than in USA. However, the brains of Apple want to make sure that they capture the market and can see success and growing graph everywhere. This is the prime reason that they have considered the cost and have launched new models of iPhone that are cheaper by about $100 than the previous versions.

However, although the prices have reduced, iPhone have not much compromised in its features. They know that the low end market has huge potential of sales and hence are developing such iPhones which would grab the low end market too. The best news is that these models also would have improved camera along with speed boost. Even the software features would also make people fall in love with this great mobile phone again and again. The home button would include finger print sensor that make them more personal. Apple has made sure that they have considered all the technological developments for including all these features.

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